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There are so many different types of carpet. One type of carpet starts down at the commercial use. Commercial level loop or commercial cut pile is a real tight loop berber. Berber and commercial are both made pretty much the same way. Continuous filaments are made in rows.

They have a propensity to wear very well. On the downside, they also have propensity to snag. Someone can snag the carpet, and you can pull out whole rows of carpet. It is difficult on people who have pets. If people have pets, the pets
will sometimes claw at it. They can pull up a whole big square foot area in no time.

There are many types of carpets available at Maharaja Handicrafts. This includes hand-made carpets, war rugs, traditional cultural rugs and many other types of rugs and carpets. Carpets by Maharaja Handicrafts are not just well known in Asia but also worldwide.

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