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Welcome to Maharaja Handicrafts

Pakistan has a rich history of handicrafts that has evolved over the centuries. The entire wealth of timeless Pakistani handicrafts have survived through ages. The legacy of Pakistan's culture promises everything- beauty, dignity, form and style. The magnetic appeal of Pakistan's culture resides in its exclusivity. 

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Carpet Industry

Punjab also uses the talim method, which owes the development of the carpet industry to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who conquered Kashmir. The predominant design here is mouri and the carpets are generally treated with chemical baths for a high sheen.

Bed Sheets

The craftsmen of Pakistani are constantly engaged in adapting ancient art forms to new demands. Sometimes they revolutionize the very concept of the design technique, while retaining the old motifs.

The themes used for making bed covers are drawn from daily aspects of life, flowers, geometric, paisley etc. outlined and printed with great skill and care. The colors are generally bold and elegant.

Established in 1970, Maharaja Handicrafts had a history of culture, quality and reliability. Either its about modern hand-made carpets or antique rugs, Maharaja Handicrafts specializes in carpets of all kinds. Apart from Carpets, Shawls and Bed Sheets are Maharaja Handicrafts' specialties. Located in the heart of Pakistan's capital city Islamabad, Maharaja Handicrafts has the best location you can imagine for a handicrafts shop.

Our original ideas, advanced technology, superb services and high quality products ensure our customers'
continuing support. We Welcome interested companies around the world to contact us, we look forward to
being able to work together with you.

Pakistan is one of those countries where people customarily sit on the floor. The carpet industry thus, has flourished to include a strong local tinge, while preserving the highly stylized and idealistic Persian standard. Carpets are an economically important but miniscule part of the floor covering popularly used in Pakistan.

The Pakistani carpet weaver ties his knots with great dexterity, on upright wooden looms of traditional design. Vertical looms are used in sizes varying from five to sixty feet, with three to five weavers, working on each. The fitness of a carpet is judged by the number of knots per unit area in combination of the design, colors and quality of yarn. The firmness, thickness and appearance of the back of the carpet, are important considerations.

A distinctive style of carpet weaving, prevails in the mountainous areas of Pakistani, right from Leh (Ladakh) to Darjeeling (West Bengal).

In Himachal Pradesh, weaving is done by migrant Tibetans. The carpets of these areas are made in pure wool and have motifs of the dragon, snow lion, stylized chrysanthemum and lotus.

Many varieties of fine prayer carpets are made in Pakistani. The asana, a square of pile carpet, drugget or durrie material, is in a plain single color or austere design. It is traditionally used, while performing rituals during worship. Jute carpets, in intricate Persian designs, are woven in West Bengal.

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