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Maharaja Handicrafts is famous for its beautiful, soft and traditional shawls Including Pashmina and Kashmiri shawls.

Pashmina is a textile which became popular in the West in the late 1990s. It is very soft and warm, and used primarily in scarves and shawls. The word is derived from the Persian word pashm, which refers to the undercoat of fur on many animals - in this case, the goat.

Pashmina is usually made with wool from the underbelly of the Himalayan goat. Pure pashmina scarves and
shawls are available, though many people find them too coarse or rough. A softening process is used by some manufacturers dealing in 100% pashmina. This process gives the pashmina a soft, almost silken quality. Because of the softness of processed pahmina garments, pure pashmina will often be referred to as cashmere. However, pashmina is slightly different and it comes from Tibet, not Kashmir.

Pashmina scarves and shawls are available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. Most pashmina is sold in standard ply, also known as two-ply, which has sufficient weight to offer a good break against
the cold. Lighter, single-ply pashmina is also available and ideal for warmer weather. Single-ply pashmina usually has a higher silk content as well, to ensure its durability.

The range in price of pashmina is often as much a function of the number of middle-men involved as of the quality of the textile itself. It is therefore advisable to purchase pashmina either through a
respected store, or from a catalog or website with a good return policy. With pashmina's rising popularity, and the lack of any sort of certification system in place, there are many merchants peddling
shoddy pashmina or imitation fabrics.

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